More Testimonials from Paul Howard Burns' Students:

ANGELINA PASHMAKOVA (Internationally Known Concert Pianist) -  
"Paul Burns is a very well known and established musician in the Detroit area. Many years of teaching experience have proven him to be an excellent pedagogue for beginning, intermediate, and advanced students. As a performer, he has had a very impressive career. I have heard him in refined and stylish performances of works by Haydn and Beethoven. I have also had the pleasure to perform personally with Mr. Burns in four-hand piano duet literature. He is the most sensitive and anticipating musician which makes the partnership with him a rare experience. Anyone who might be studying or performing with Mr. Burns will benefit enormously from his excellent musicianship and very patient and tolerant personality.

THOMAS WOLFE- "I've been studying the piano with Paul Burns for almost a year, and I'm very pleased with my progress. Paul is an excellent teacher and a seasoned performer. His teaching method emphasizes both technique and artistic interpretation. His unique approach to teaching technique focuses on hand position as a way to bring more relaxation into your playing with less effort. This produces better tone from the instrument and makes playing much more enjoyable. Using this unconventional technique has really taken my playing to the next level. I can strongly recommend Paul Burns as a very qualified piano teacher who can really help you get results no matter what your age or level of experience.

JOAN GRAHAM- "Paul Burns is certainly qualified as a piano instructor. In addition to valuable help at the keyboard, he offers an interesting music appreciation class as a bonus to his lessons. Paul also provides a very nice way to entertain on social occasions in one's home. My guests have thoroughly enjoyed the evenings he has been with us.

MIKE COMOS- "Our 17-year old and 11-year old both enjoy their lessons with Paul and he works effectively with both children. He's patient, yet insistent on having them practice and provides us with continuous feedback on their progress. Our children also appreciate the fact that Paul includes a nice mix of contemporary music along with classical instruction during his weekly lessons. After a long search for an instructor who was willing to come to our home and provide quality piano lessons, we're glad that we finally found Paul.

LA RUE BRIGGS- "As an adult music student, I find Paul Burns to be an excellent instructor. His musical abilities and creativity are readily apparent in his approach to teaching. He not only challenges me with his lesson plans, but also encourages and motivates me, keeping me focused on my goals. I would recommend Paul as an instructor to anyone willing to work to achieve positive results.

GEORGE IVY- "It is very rare to find a piano teacher with the great technical ability and true artistry that you possess. It is rarer still to find a teacher with the ability to pass these qualities along to a student. Thank you for sharing these gifts with me. You enabled me to reach for things once far beyond my grasp. I truly consider myself fortunate to have had you as a teacher.

JUDITH A. GERARD- "I have studied piano and music theory with Paul Burns on and off for over ten years. The lessons with him convey his strong personal commitment to focus on my specific goals, objectives and aspirations in music. His unique method of teaching sets him apart from other basic teachers because it is much more effective. Therefore I would recommend his instruction to anyone from beginner level to highly advanced. It is truly worth it.