Piano Instruction for All Ages and All Levels

No matter what your level -beginner, hobbyist or advanced-  
you will profit from the Arm-Weight Method of piano playing:
 A more relaxed, creative & enjoyable way to play the piano!  

Benefits of the Arm-Weight Method of Piano Playing 

Learn how to play the piano without physical tension by using gravity instead of fighting it; learn how to achieve a more singing, legato tone quality; learn how to listen to your playing and consistently express your musical creativity (and the composer's); learn to let go of muscles you are not using and achieve true independence of the fingers. 

If you are a pianist at an advanced level who has suffered physical injuries from overuse or strain, this is the ideal method to avoid re-injury. Re-train and re-educate a faulty technique to achieve greater security, control, and velocity with far less physical effort.

If you are an intermediate student, you will make faster progress by learning how to apply specific practice techniques that maximize your practice time.

If you are a beginning student, you will find much more enjoyment in your piano-playing by avoiding the development of bad habits from the outset.



 How Mr. Burns Learned  the Arm-Weight Method Piano Technique:

After working with pianists Julius Chajes and Norman Gifford, Paul Howard Burns had the privilege of doing eight years of advanced study with Boris Maximovich, former Professor at the Kiev Conservatory.  Maximovich was a student of the legendary pianist, Simon Barere. From this great Russian tradition, Paul acquired a more natural, economical and relaxed school of playing the piano known as “arm-weight piano technique.”   To contact Mr. Burns to enquire about "arm-weight method" piano instruction, click here.

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